Auto add profile to circle


Auto add profile to circle

Auto add profile to circle

11/12/2018 5:06:19 PM
GPlus help add profile to circle on Google+. This can be user +, user comment, user share for this post or user comment video youtube, communities members.
GPlus > Auto add profile to circle.
Step 1: Find user to add to circles.

1.   Find from post: Find user +1 for the post, user comment in post.
  • Enter the link post.
  • Select filter last feed time.
  • Click “user comment in post, user +1 for this post.

2.   Find from posts of profile.
  • Enter link profile.
  • Select total posts.
  • Click user +1, comment, share for profile.

3.   Find from communities.
  • Enter link communities.
  • Limit ID.
  • Click communities members.

4.   Find from profile comment link youtube.
  • Enter link video youtube.
  • Limit ID.
  • Click “profile comment video”.

Step 2: Select circle add  and scan email, save email.

Step 3: Setting time delays and click “Start”.