Clean and edit playlist - GPlus


Clean and edit playlist - GPlus

Clean and edit playlist - GPlus

11/14/2018 2:19:04 PM
GPlus help you scan and remove videos from your playlist or added, merge your videos in your playlist.
GPlus > Youtube > Clean and edit playlist.
Step 1: Reload and select playlist want clean and edit .

Step 2: Enter list your video insert to playlist and list delete video from playlist.

Step 3: Set up clean and edit playlist.
  • Tick to clean deleted video.
  • Click to deleted all selected playlist.

  • Tick to insert your video after video index.
  • Select number count your video want to add playlist.

Step 4: Set up account to comment youtube.
  • Tick to using switch user after communities.
  • Tick to random account.
  • Tick to add account & manage account.

Step 5: Setting time delays and click “Start”.