Create playlist youtube - GPlus


Create playlist youtube - GPlus

Create playlist youtube - GPlus

11/13/2018 3:33:26 PM
GPlus help you create the list of playlist on your youtube channel.
GPlus > Youtube > Create playlist youtube.
Step 1: Find list link video create playlist youtube.
  • Find link video by keyword youtube.
  • Or load from file.

  • Select video create playlist & enter list your video.

Step 2: Setup information for playlist: lists playlist title, playlist description.

Step 3: Setup create playlist.
  • 1 line 1 playlist: 10 playlists title => create 10 playlists
  • Random playlist title: Create 2 playlist =>  name of this playlist will be select random in the list playlist title.

  • Get name from search result: Create 3 playlist, name of 3 playlist will be select from the name of video found.
  • Insert your video after index: You are to the 3rd, your video will be added to the number of the number 3 in playlist.

  • Random video: other video count & your video count.

Step 4: Set up account to comment youtube.
  • Tick to using switch user after communities.
  • Tick to random account.
  • Tick to add account & manage account.

Step 5: Setting time delays and click “Start”.