Tải phần mềm Auto +1, Auto Share, Auto Comment Google+ REQUIRES WINDOWS RATING:
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Download GPlus

Download GPlus Auto Google+

Auto share to communities.

Auto +1 and comment to all posts in communities or circle.

Find and add profile to your circle.

Auto join communities.

Comment to video youtube.

Comment upvote to comment youtube.

Download and try 7 days

Required .net 4.5 : Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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How to install:

Step 1: Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 nếu chưa có. Reset máy sau khi cài thành công.

Step 2: Install GPlus in downloaded file.

Step 3: Set dns google, add 1 friend, and join 1 group for account g+.


Auto +1 Google+

Auto +1 new posts in wall and group.

Auto Share Link and post to the group

Auto Share link, posting photo to the communities.

Comment to posts

Auto comment on posts you plus one.

Auto add profile to circles

Auto find and add profile to your circles

Auto comment on YouTube video

Search youtube video by keyword or loaded from file and then auto comment on the video in the list.

Auto comment upvote comments Youtube

Using list account and list chanel to comment and like comment youtube

Join communities

Find groups by keyword and automatically join the group found.

Create playlist

Search youtube video by keyword and create playlist.

Edit playlist settings

Change playlist settings.

Clean and add video to playlist

Delete error video and add new video to playlist.